Thank you for your interest in one of our milestone sessions 
Your little one's character  will be shining though just about now, the smiles and giggles and he/she will be sitting up by them selfs, this is the best time to capture the personal  character . I can capture your little ones milestone moments for you to look back on and look how much they have changed and grown.
 £70 weekdays
£120 weekends
 booking fee is required at the time of booking

Your session includes :
* Portrait posing session
* Use of beautiful props
* Professional editing of your images 
* A viewing & ordering sessions to select your images.
"16 Wooden orb
All images on a keepsake usb
£50 voucher
8x6 of all images
GOLD - £399
20 Digital images on a keepsake usb
16" fine art canvas
7x5 fine art print
£50 voucher
SLIVER - £299
10 Digital images on a keepsake usb
6x4 fine art print
BRONZE - £199
4 Digital images sent via email
6x4 fine art print

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